Raben! Beyond with Lars Greiwe

by Sergej Vutuc


Raben! Rollen! Rudelbildung!
Nullnummer | Juni 2013
Georg Reinhradt and Florian Schneider, two creative hearts from Kassel comming together to make something diffrent something with strong base of journalism and design… Florian man behind documentary film about artist and skateboarding “Pushed” http://www.sznydoers.com/ Georg Reihardt in last few years made diffrent zines and projects like DiDiDIY… those names speak for something interesting…. so for first/zero issue under name Beyond Raben! start with person who is my good friend but also person give chance to artist like me to express themself and make projects which change skateboarding scene in last 10 years in europe. this issue is about Lars Greiwe…write to guys and get history mail@georgreinhardt.com or florian sznydoers@gmail.com