Tangible – Seeing Things Gallery

by Sergej Vutuc

Seeing Things Gallery, San Jose, CA
Tangible (a handprinted photography exhibition)
Vernissage: March 7th 2014

“Humans have always had a desire and need to create, from tools to shelters to art. These creations often outlive their creator leaving others claiming the creator has a “god complex”. Maybe that’s why we create, maybe not… maybe that’s why we created god in the first place. The group of artists in this show, living somewhere in between California and Croatia, have created photographs in the traditional sense, using their hands to make a physical object, out of an elemental human need and desire to create Tangible art. These are things they can share and give to their friends and they’d like to share them with you too! Everyone loves Seeing Things so come to Seeing Things Gallery and rejoice in this near religious exhibition of Tangible photography.”
-Nich Kunz

Ben Gore
Nich Kunz
Jarod J Taber
Sergej Vutuc
Seth Ramirez
Jason Lecras
Sam Milianta
Kohlton Ervin
Brandon Getty
Carson Lancaster
Espen Stokke Sveiseverksted