Non Stop Poetry, Mark Gonzales

by Sergej Vutuc


The Zines of Mark Gonzales
by Printed Matter, Inc.

Kim Gordon start book with those words and Jocko Weyland, Aaron Rose, Tom Sach and Steven Salardino talking in their essays about mark.

“the great thing about zines is that you can make one in a day. It’s like having your own little art gallery that you put out into the world. It’s the purest framework-completely self-contained. The satsfaction of going to the copy store and coming home with something you can staple together yourself can’t be overstated. I made a few myself ones. I hadn’t been doing any art or writing and i just felt like making something i could totally control. I remember when i took the zines to Printed Matter, they told me Mark had just dropped off some of his…”