I don’t have to know you to wave to you

by Sergej Vutuc

rich_jacobs_sergej_vutuc_i_dont_have_zine_1 rich_jacobs_sergej_vutuc_i_dont_have_zine_2 rich_jacobs_sergej_vutuc_i_dont_have_zine_3rich_jacobs_sergej_vutuc_i_dont_have_zine_5

Sergej Vutuc & Rich Jacobs — ‘I don’t have to know you to wave to you’

…an abstract attempt to further push the boundaries of what a zine is or is supposed to be. A collaborative effort that was done to see how far we could take it. It is a tribute to skate zine textures from the eighties but kinda remixed in a way, and then redrawn over and then copied over again. Trying to let the copier do its magic and take on its own properties . it is in an edition of basically 100.
price: 30 euro + shipping
oder: www.sergejvutuc.bigcartel.com
sims that this zine is my last stock of papier stapled under name zine, if that lable someone something means…soon more about it. thanks