Erratum Galerie, Kreuzberg

by Sergej Vutuc


N 71

Presentation of KIOSK n°71
a ping-pong between Laure Catugier & Maycec
out of February 2015.

+ KIOSK invited berlin-based artists who already took part in the KIOSK exchanges :
Gaëtane Bodiguel / Volker Roloff / Birgit Richter / Eleonore de Montesquiou / Angelik Riemer / Reinhard Bock / Johanna Marie Bodeux / Björn Saul / Nicolas Puyjalon / Eva Maria Ocherbauer / Jean-Baptiste Bouvet / Nicoll Ullrich / Kate Squires / Saiko Ryusui / Susanna Trotta / Annette Hollywood / Maria Anwander / Ines Meier / Clémentine Roy / Marie Reinert

For its 6th birthday, the whole printed versions of KIOSK will be shown.

Sound performances by Sergej Vutuc / Aleks Slota at 9 p.m.

A dialogue, an exchange by e-mail.
Data, images, drawings, texts during a month.

A monthly edition.

Format A4, landscape. Number of pages variable.