Tragovi Book for order

by Sergej Vutuc


TRAGOVI, Sergej Vutuc
Edition of 150
Risographer, 37 Photography,
Format: 20×25cm Unfolden page 37,8×25cm
Published by Gloria Glitzer and Sergej Vutuc
Price: 34,90 Euro


The work of Sergej Vutuc is about observing the development of the modern society; a privatization of the public space and conquering the nature with concrete, on one side, and the natural human urge to expand one’s consciousness, to be in between, to exist playfully and live through imagination, on the other side.
Skateboard culture is just one of many contemporary social subcultures whose philosophy is based on the aspiration for playfulness and urge to use the open space in the context of freedom of expression.

incl skaters as: Shingo Ogura, Laurence Keefe, Katsumi Minami, Seimi Miyahara, Honda, Valerie Rosomako, Malte Spitz, Nils Brauer, Louis Taubert, Koichiro Uehara, Fritz Mead, Jon Nguyen, Ryan Kehrer, Maoz Trudler, Hannes Schilling   201511201645075392015112016452655420151120200437824