Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, Ca

by Sergej Vutuc

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San Jose, Ca Anno Domini Gallery
Sergej Vutuc (B. 1979, Doboj, Bosnia)

Artist Reception First Friday February 2nd, 7pm–11pm
Solo Exhibition February 2–March 17 , 2018
366 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113 408.271.5155

Since the mid 1980s; Vutuc’s work has been about observing the (over)development
of modern society and the privatization of public space; nature being conquered by
concrete, concrete being conquered by the subversive act of skating. The work is
based in nomadic movement through space and time, an endless sense of mobility,
existence in between cities, countries, borders, worlds etc. Contested spaces, such as
Fukushima, Detroit, Chernobyl, Israel and Palestine–strong symbols of ongoing
human error and conflict, mistakes and misdirections in socioeconomic development.
Then there is the documentation of this ever-shifting landscape (physical and
symbolic) through analog photography, publishing zines, mounting exhibitions,
making music, drawing on walls, constant collaboration (as the essence of human
creative exchange) and generally non-stop action and movement; fragmenting,
altering, rearranging reality over and over, as necessary.
But one must also follow the natural human urge to expand one’s consciousness,
to live in parallels, through imagination and it is here that Vutuc makes his departure
to embark on a new series of work entitled Intimations of Substantiality Beneath. This
exhibition begins a journey between exploring the landscape of flesh and passing
moments on the way to somewhere; held in between, chosen by moment, by light,
and by the energy drawn on the moment. It’s a melting point of Vutuc’s two latest
publications: there was something on the fence and jenseits von innen (beyond inside).
Vutuc sees the “scratching on the surface of blurry dream and fantasy as the only
existing reality based on self creation.” The analog photo process allows for altering
and scratching the film; another manipulation and questioning of (documented) reality.
Adding to his poetic imagery music and sound allows an instant connection
with the viewer, and reaction from an audience. All of this combined unifies the space
of the work and allows a complete transformative experience. The energy created in
this visual/soundscape confronts the viewer, challenging them to (re)see the strength
and fragility of human relationships, family, tradition, intimacy, personal and global
conflict. Vutuc’s work functions to shift our perception of reality, humanity, and society
in general.