sergej vutuc

Crash, Garry S. Davis

Crash, Garry S. Davis

Noodleless Chicken Soup Press, 2014

Layers, xerox

Four Nights of UFOs, Garry S. Davis

Four Nights of UFOs, Garry S. Davis

Pagless Book Press, 2017

24 pages bw xerox

My Better Half, Garry Davis

My Better Half, Garry S. Davis

28 page bw zine

Made out of 70’s fashion magazine

Artwork, collage and design by Garry S. Davis

G.S.D. is one of first zine maker with skateboard subject –  Skate Fate and Garry was also first to have a “street” pro model skateboard, he also invented the boneless….

Nemanja Knežević, Budapest

Budapest 2010 – 2016, Nemanja Knežević

26pages, self published

Nemanja is Belgrade base photographer, member of BelgradeRaw

Vaclav Tvaruzka, A.T.S.A.T.W.N.W.B.

Vaclav Tvaruzka, A.T.S.A.T.W.N.W.B.
edition of 10, 28 pages

Feels like lovly copystore in Praha rough and still deep black….

Medium Skate Mag iss01

The Medium is the message“ Marshall McLuhan

lets keep that as base of magazine start by photographer Will Jivcoff and Joel Watamaniuk

MEDIUM Skate Mag vol.01 iss.01 

coming with artickel/interview “A Face of Humanity“ based on exploring Ukraine with Igor Fardin, Valeri Rosomako, Tjark Thielker and Tomaz Santl.

Iako Premda, Sergej Vutuc

Iako Premda, Sergej Vutuc

28,8 x 20 cm

24 pages, 12 photography

Xerox, 150gr rec paper

No edition, 2017

20,00 Euro + shipping cost (1,50 € Germany | 3,50€ Worldwide)

She came closer to me and ask me “Did you ever took heroin? This book remind me on it. That warm,….“

Before after and before…

Constellations, Konstanz

Constellations, exhibition

Konstanz, Neuwerk

11_18. March 2017

Presents by Screwed Hardware

Screwed Collaboration

Screwed Constellation Goofy Regular Hardwear

silkscreen on cotton