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April Newsletter



13.04, 8pm
Itisnothere Gallery-Studio (Milutinskiy street 20)
– Exhibition, Sound Performance

14.04, 6 – 9pm
GROUND Peschanaya Gallery (Novopeschanaya 23building7)
– Signing

Untitled Bar (Petrovka street 15), Afterparty
– Video, DJ-set

15–16.04, 12-7pm
GROUND Peschanaya Gallery (Novopeschanaya 23building7)
– Fair, Conference



Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco is proud to present “ShutterSpeed

Opening Date & Times: April 22, 2017 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Run of exhibit Dates: April 22 – May 31

Gallery Viewing from 5:00 – 8:00 pm & Live Music from 7:00 – 8:00 pm


ShutterSpeed is an international exhibition and event that invites you to open your mind and discover the intersection of photographyart, and the athleticism of skateboardingDiscover and observe the raw fusionwhere the artist meets the landscapecreating a culture of street skatingwithin the beautiful, picturesque city of San Francisco. San Francisco boasts unparalleled geography, with its crooked streets and hills, creating a dream destination for skateboarders

Shutterspeed celebrates skate culture with a gallery exhibition of Art and Photography by Bay Area locals and legends alike:

Adam Wallacavage, Adrian Martinez, Alan Gonzalez, Ando (FTC), Andrew Schoultz, Austin Leong, Bay Hill Ben Gore, Bigfoot, Bram De Martelaere, Brian Christopher, Brian Delatorre, Brian Gaberman, Bryce Kanights, Clare RojasDan ZDave Hoang, Dave Schubert, Dennis McGrath, Douglas Miles, Dylan Christopher, Elissa Steamer, Eric Palozzolo, Evan Smith, Fiona Lake, French Fred, Fryle, Gabe MorfordGeorge Rocha, Greyson Fletcher, Gx1000, Jai Tanju, Jake Darwen, James Givens, Jason Adams, Jason Henry Jason Jesse, Joe Brook, Johnny Schillereff, Jon Coulthard, Jordan Hill, Kyle Camarillo, L. Fong, Lindsey Byrnes Luidgi Gaydu, Marc Falkenstien, Margaret Kilgallen, Mark Gonzales, Matthew Bajda, Max Stern, Mike Kershnar, Mike USA, MQ, Piper, Rachel Rothstein, Ray Barbee, Richard Hart, Rob Collinson, Russ Pope, Ryan Esquibel, Salman AgahSchmitty, Sean Gutierrez, Sergej VutucSupe FMK, Teen Witch, Thomas Busuttil Thomas Campbell, TKP, Tobin Yelland, Todd Francis, Vicky Sinh.

Live music performances by StarHeadBody and Bad Shi*t.

San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department celebrates the art of skate boarding with 5 accessible Skate Parks and our own recreationalprogram, Shread & Butter. 

The newly renovated HILLTOP PARK & SKATEPARK, San Francisco’s first skate park, is located at La Salle & Whitney Young Circle San Francisco, CA 94124Balboa Skatepark: Ocean & San Jose, SF, CA 94112Crocker Amazon Skatepark1700 Geneva Ave., SF, CA 94134Potrero Del Sol SkateparkPotrero & Army St., SF, CA 94110SOMA West Skatepark: Central Fwy San Francisco, CA 94103

“Everyone has the potential to be a photographer because we all see the world from our own and unique perspective.” – French Fred

Shutterspeed is curated in collaboration with Mike Kershnar of The Growlery, Dave Christensen, Director of the Harvey Milk Photography Center, and Nicola Bosco-Alvarez, Recreation Specialist & Director, Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Company.



Recyclart Art Center 29-30. April 2017


Izlog Suvremenog Zvuka

Zagreb, Croatia

3-6. May 2017

Studentski centar Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Kultura promjene
Savska cesta 25
ulaz besplatan


April 18 at 7pm – Drink&Talk with Artists: Thomas Ankersmit & Phill Niblock @ Theatre &TD caffe bar
April 19 at 9pm – Thomas Ankersmit & Phill Niblock @ Theatre &TD big hall (90′)
April 22 at 11pm – Rumorists’ Schachtophony: Matrix of Knock on the Roof @ SC Cinema (50′)
May 2 at 7,30pm – Sonic Acts presents: Electro-Pythagorus: A Portrait of Martin Bartlett, d. Luke Fowler @ MM Centre (45′)
May 2 at 9pm – Mochvara Gallery & Music Showroom present: Pierre Bastien & Franz Hautzinger & Alen Sinkauz @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (50′)
May 1-3 – Zinc & Copper in Residence: workshops w/ Jeffery, Kakaliagou, Kiers & Meinz @ Theatre &TD big hall

MAIN PROGRAM | May 3 – May 6
permanent exhibitions:
Multimedia Solar Clock @ Theatre &TD atrium
Tonči Bakotin & Ratko Ilijić: Festival @ Theatre &TD caffe bar

6pm – 20 Years of OZAFIN ALU – presentation @ Theatre &TD caffe bar (30′)
7pm – Pioneers of the Factory of Sound @ MM Centre (2×20′)
8pm – Tin Dožić: Re-cycles @ SEK hall (30′)
9,30pm – Mochvara Gallery & Music Showroom present: Pierre Bastien: Quiet Motors @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (50′)
11pm – Zinc & Copper in Residence: Furious Magnitude @ Theatre &TD big hall (70′)

11am-4pm – Ewa Justka: Voice Odder – workshop @ SC Gallery
6pm – Robert Barry: The Music of the Future – talk led by Antonio Poščić @ Theatre &TD caffe bar (40′)
7,30pm – Short Images presents: Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present, d. Tyler Hubby @ MM Centre (102′)
9,30pm – S/UMAS Ensemble for Contemporary Music of the Academy of Arts of the University of Split w/ Tim Hodgkinson @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (50′)
10,30pm – Mette Rasmussen & Susana Santos Silva @ French Pavilion (45′)
11,30pm – Sergej Vutuc @ SEK hall (30′)
midnight – An Evening With Danny O’Really @ Theatre &TD big hall (70′)

11am-6pm – Ewa Justka: Organic Sequencer – workshop @ SC Gallery
6pm – Ivan Marušić Klif: Everything starts somewhere… – audiovisual performance @ SEK hall (80′)
8pm – workshops’ presentation: Voice Odder & Organic Sequencer w/ Ewa Justka @ Gallery SC (40′)
9pm – G.A.M.E. (program: Horvat/Lightune.G, Løffler, Prins, Steen-Andersen, Verrières) @ MM Centre (60′)
10,30pm – Explicit Music presents: Eli Keszler @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (50′)
11,30pm – Davor Gazde: Probabilities @ French Pavilion (45′)
12,30am – Poolsation @ Skate Pool (20′)

5,30pm – Drink&Mingl @ Theatre &TD atrium
6,30pm – Višeslav Laboš – The Night Flight (Igor Kuljerić) @ SEK hall (45′)
7,30pm – Nicole Hewitt & Ivan Slipčević @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (45′)
8,30pm – Šalter Ensemble @ Theatre &TD big hall (80′)
10pm – Andy Moor & Genevieve Murphy & Terrie Hessels @ MM Centre (45′)
11,30pm – Poolsation @ Skate Pool (20′)
midnight – Radian @ SC Gallery (60′)

1am – Izlog 2017 after party: DJ Andy Moor (The Ex) @ Theatre &TD caffe bar

May 10 at 9pm – Hrvoslava Brkušić & Hrvoje Nikšić & Željko Ulip: Satellite Bouncing – hommage Pauline Oliveros @ Theatre &TD atrium
May 20 at 9pm – Igor Jurinić @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (60′)

Driftwood 4, Christian Reister

Driftwood #4, Christian Reister

A5, Edition of 50, 2017 Berlin

It is allright to adore yourself and everyone, Brian David Stevens

It is allright to adore yourself and everyone, Brian David Stevens
Published by Hamburger Eyes, 2010

24pages, A5

B-East Production, Veronica Posth about Real/Unreal


Veronica Posth studied History of Art at the University of Glasgow (UK) and Florence (IT) specializing in Contemporary Art and Modern Museology. After some years working in a contemporary art gallery in London and collaborating with a creative association promoting Contemporary-Urban Art and Electronic Music in Florence, she gained a Master in Exhibition Design and Curatorial Studies between Florence (IT) and Berlin (DE). She lives and works in Berlin as independent curator and art reviewer. Her main interests are related to contemporary art, dance and music.



IAKO PREMDA, Sergej Vutuc

Iako Premda, Sergej Vutuc from Sergej Vutuc on Vimeo.

IAKO PREMDA, Sergej Vutuc

28,8 x 20 cm | 24 pages | 150gr | No edition, 2017
20,00 Euro + Shipping Cost (1,50€ Germany | 3,50€ Worldwide)

Skateboard Contest, Nathaniel Russell

Skateboard Contest, Nathaniel Russell

36 page, a5 format, edition of 100

Published by Crookedarm

Eat My Paper, Brussels


Recyclart Art Center 29-30. April 2017

Salon d’autoédition • Microédition • Fanzinothèque photo • Atelier Fanzine • Projection EXTRAFORT •

EAT MY PAPER réinvestit pour la troisième fois le Garage Pirate de Recyclart en se liant aux projections EXTRA FORT le temps d’une journée !

>> Le salon d’Autoédition & Microédition
15:00 > 20:30

Bichel – editions
Collectif +/
• Huyghebaert Céline •
Jean Guichon É
Leo Seyers & Antoine
• Les pinatas •
• Macaronibook •
• Offline Press – Point Zero
• Pat McCarthy • Born to Kill zine •
• TABBERT (Multi/ ESA- Arba) •
Tieten Met
The 4th Dimension – Croatan Edition •
• V. BLOCC •

20:30 > 22:30
Pour l’occasion, EATMYPAPER invite The 4th Dimension (Croatan Edition) et l’artiste New yorkais Pat McCarthy • Born to Kill zine à participer aux projections EXTRA FORT !

+ Atelier fanzine animé par Banana Bill du collectif Jean Guichon Éditeur de 15:00 > 20:00 • gratuit – aucune réservation requise •
+ Concerts de 23:00 > 01:00

Crash, Garry S. Davis

Crash, Garry S. Davis

Noodleless Chicken Soup Press, 2014

Layers, xerox

Four Nights of UFOs, Garry S. Davis

Four Nights of UFOs, Garry S. Davis

Pagless Book Press, 2017

24 pages bw xerox

My Better Half, Garry Davis

My Better Half, Garry S. Davis

28 page bw zine

Made out of 70’s fashion magazine

Artwork, collage and design by Garry S. Davis

G.S.D. is one of first zine maker with skateboard subject –  Skate Fate and Garry was also first to have a “street” pro model skateboard, he also invented the boneless….